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People Based, the construction of an innovative enterprise

Truly have over 10,000 people work there and more than that, it is the biggest rate paying enterprise among the local dominant industries. Truly is more than a company owned by the investor but the homeland of thousands Truly People and their families. “People Based” is the very concept that Truly keep holding on and propagandizing in its history of growth, developing, returning to the people and the society.

Drawing all the attention of the city, Truly bears thousands upon thousands people’s expectancy. The propaganda of the concept “People Based” has gradually beyond the enterprise itself.

We improve the working and living environment of our staffs and help themselves upgrading. We develop advanced technology and product with high quality and value-added to compete in the market place. We take technology with high quality as our orientation but not “cut-throat” through the advantage of intensive labor.

We promote local employment and dedicate to the construction of the social community.

We help in developing public establishment to elevate the living level of the residents. We comply with Government’s taxation system; operate with honesty and credit; share the harvest we make with the community and society.

We strongly advocate Environment Protection, coordinate with the relevant parties to acquire certification of environmental protection and together build up a green world.

Truly, with its concept of “People Based”, is showing the world a better future.